When the Goldbergs were building their house, they soon learned of their builder’s somewhat unscrupulous side. Cheaper products used here, no sky lights there, a corner or two cut somewhere else, etc. Every time the builder would try to take a shortcut, Mrs. Goldberg would catch him and call his office. The receptionist would announce “It’s that Goldberg woman”. She was well-versed in all aspects of their contract and wanted everything she had been promised.Creative Plan Design Goldbergs

Each time, Mrs. Goldberg would contact the builder (“It’s that Goldberg woman”) and point out his error and/omission; she didn’t yell or threaten or even get mad. She would calmly and succinctly state her case and ask that the matter be rectified. If the matter wasn’t resolved to her liking (and in accordance with her contract) within a reasonable length of time, she would call again (“It’s that Goldberg woman”) and calmly reiterate the terms of their contract she expected to be fulfilled. Oftentimes, a matter required numerous calls (“It’s that Goldberg woman”). However, she was always calm, polite and obviously, tenacious.

HELLO Employers and Retirement Plan Sponsors everywhere. We don’t all have the patience and tenacity of Mrs. Goldberg. When you ask a question, you’re entitled to an answer; the right answer, not the watered down, smoke and mirror version to which, sadly, you may have become accustomed.

When you ask a representative of a payroll company “How much does it cost me to have you administer my retirement plan?” you’re entitled to an answer in dollars and cents. You don’t want to hear all their industrial jargon or about all the “free stuff” you’re getting, you want an answer. In this day and age of fee disclosure, you not only want to know, you NEED to know so you can make informed decisions under your fiduciary responsibility. If you don’t get a direct answer to all your questions whether it’s a payroll company, fund house representative or a TPA, you need to find a new professional to provide those services.

We don’t all have the time and tenacity of Mrs. Goldberg. Sometimes we just want the straight answer to which we are entitled. If you’re not getting those answers, it’s time to find some other firm(s) that will level with you.

AND NOW, FOR THE SHAMELESS PITCH: We at Creative Plan Designs, Ltd. are the one firm that will level with you from the get go. We will deliver on our promises without constant reminders and we won’t make promises our professional, credentialed staff can’t keep.

PS: Mrs. Goldberg IS a CPD client.

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